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Into the unknown

Hello! I’m Lorna. Check out the About Me page for a bit about me, Ben and our travel plans.

I’ve been doing a little soul-searching to try and introduce my motivations behind this blog…

A creative practice

For about as long as I can remember I’ve loved to create in various media – photography, writing, graphics, drawing, painting. I’ve always been pretty private about my creative pursuits, mostly for fear of criticism from others.

Growing up online, I feel that I have so many opportunities to discover or consume other people’s creativity – I could probably spend all day drinking in the beautiful things on my Instagram or Pinterest!

But for all that this consumption inspires me, I find that these days I daydream about, say, painting greetings cards, writing travel articles or taking pictures of jaw-dropping landscapes, without ever actually doing any of it. I just keep consuming instead.

So in part this blog is me trying to put myself more into a creative mode, indulging photography and writing in particular.

A record of our travels

Another motivation is sharing fragments of our life half way around the world. Both Ben and I have family and friends back home who (we think) might appreciate a channel through which they can be updated on our adventures.

If I update this often enough, I’m hoping a blog can provide that!

Into the unknown

“Into the unknown” reflects my feelings both about travelling and about sharing my travels online.

Venturing into the world can be scary, fraught with potential for disaster or disappointment. It can also be exhilarating, brimming with opportunity for new experiences, new connections, new perspectives. Venturing into the internet is much the same!

But I’m going to give it a go and hope for the best.

Bon voyage!


P.S. Hello to Jason Isaacs. 😉

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