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An afternoon in Russell, Bay of Islands

I get such a kick out of the fact that Russell was formerly known as the ‘hell hole of the Pacific.’

I’m sure its unsavoury past fully justified the label, but it’s just so incongruous with the quaint, historic port town as it stands today!

I enjoyed my first visit so much that I jumped at the chance to hop on the ferry and head back to Russell when we returned to Northland last December.

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How to visit the spectacular Waitomo Glowworm Caves

After returning from Australia to New Zealand, we were due to head south towards Wellington almost immediately. But there was one thing on my North Island bucket list that I was itching to check off first:

Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

Though we had caught glimpses of glowworms previously here in New Zealand, we’d never encountered anything close to the magic of Waitomo. Read on for an account of our cave tour experience…

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SouthIsland New Zealand Road Trip Planning

How to plan a New Zealand South Island Road Trip

A confession. I’ve been travelling and living in New Zealand for over a year now, and yet…I’ve never once set foot on South Island. If you’ve ever been to New Zealand, I’m sure you’ll appreciate how remarkable that is. South Island is the home to the most staggering scenery. Ice-blue lakes, mist-laden fjords, snow-capped mountains. In a nutshell, it’s extraordinary.

We haven’t yet set a date for our South Island travels, but that hasn’t stopped me putting plans in place for when we do finally take the ferry down south!

If you’re thinking about making a trip too, settle in and enjoy my guide to New Zealand South Island road trip planning…

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New Zealand North Island Itinerary

Rolling hills, stunning coastlines, geothermal marvels and hobbit holes – New Zealand’s North Island has it all. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a flying visit, I’ve drawn on our 5 months on the road here to bring you my highlights for the absolute best places to visit. Read on for my ultimate New Zealand North Island Itinerary!

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Parasailing and Gliding in New Zealand

Parasailing and Gliding in New Zealand

Travelling has certainly brought out the adventurers in us. Since our arrival in New Zealand just over a year ago(!) we’ve had a lot of firsts: Tarzan-style jumps into the sea from a tallship, floating down small waterfalls on our backs, kayaking till I threw up in the Coromandel and touring New Zealand’s most active volcano. Most recently, though, we’ve been abandoning solid ground in favour of taking to the skies! Here’s a little account of our experiences parasailing and gliding in New Zealand.

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