Hamilton Gardens

After leaving Napier in early May, we headed back up north for a housesitting opportunity in Hamilton. With our car in the garage and some seriously inclement weather for the duration of our stay, we didn’t get to see very much of the area. In fact I have only one attraction to report on. Thankfully it’s a good one, even with the capricious Autumn elements in play! Read on for my ode to the pretty Hamilton Gardens…

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Napier, New Zealand

Art Deco Delights in Napier

Napier might be best described as a phoenix city. Devastated by an earthquake in 1931, it was quickly regenerated in accordance with the popular Art Deco styles of the day. With washes of pastel colours, sunburst motifs and sleek geometric features, all that hurried building created a sort of architectural time capsule to 30s design.

I personally love historical settings in all shapes and sizes and as such Napier was high on my list of places to visit on the North Island…

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10 awesome things to do in Rotorua

On our first trip to New Zealand’s hottest spot (well, most geothermal ;)) we only had a single day before we had to dash off to do other things. We naturally vowed to return as quickly as possible to see more of the town behind the veil of steam and sulphur… On our return we spent four days in and around the main town, camping in some beautiful spots and cramming in as many activities and sights as we could. Drawing on our experiences, these are my top 10 awesome things to do in Rotorua!

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Things to Do in Tokyo - 5 Day Itinerary

15 things to do in Tokyo – a 5 day itinerary

Our 5 days in and around Tokyo were the first stop on our 16 day Japan trip. We absolutely loved it there! Even in the chilly February weather, I had so much fun I could have easily stayed the whole fortnight there. Lately I’ve been trying to make my posts as useful as possible to other travellers, focussing more on practical tips and highlighting my absolute favourite places. Since my last post on Tokyo was a bit vague, I’ve decided to go into more detail about things we got up to and enjoyed. So here’s a day-by-day breakdown/itinerary of things to do in Tokyo!

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